Puerto Rican Day Parade

The Puerto Rican Day Parade, also known as the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, is an annual event which takes place along Fifth Avenue in New York City. The show takes place on the second Saturday in June to honour all US citizens who are of Puerto Rican descent, numbering approximately four million. The parade has been known to attract several celebrities, including Puerto Rican natives as well as descendants of Puerto Ricans.

The parade route takes place between Fifth Avenue between 44th Street and 86th Street and is currently ranked as one of the largest parades which take place in New York City; an impressive feat given the number of parades that take place there. The average number of spectators is particularly high, numbering over two million, which makes the parade one of the most significant outdoor events to take place in the United States regularly. Although the Puerto Rican Day Parade that takes place in New York City is the biggest, several other large cities across American that are also home to significant Puerto Rican populations have begun to hold their own parades to mark the day.

Puerto Rican Day Parade

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