Bring the Carnival Home with Canvas Art

The best carnivals usually happen once a year. However, the memories they leave behind are lasting. One way to freeze these memories today is through phone photos. But you don’t have to always go back to your gallery whenever you want to get the carnival or parade vibes.

Instead, you can add to that by creating a carnival atmosphere in your home using canvas art. From Desenio’s huge collection of canvas art, you can pick several nice pieces to remind you of those beautiful moments at the parade. Since carnivals are literally full of colour, art categories like ‘photo art’ and ‘nature’ are the best places to search for carnival-related items. You can also filter by ‘famous painters’ and ‘featured artists’ if there are specific artists at your favourite carnival whose art you’d like to create memories with.

Specific Paintings

The most popular paintings and artists on the Desenio website that are carnival-related include Green Coat Canvas, Pear Coat Canvas, Megan Galante Cover Floral Canvas and Monet Sunset on the Seine at Lavacourt Canvas. The collection is however much larger than that, with easy-to-use filters to help you with that. Full purchases can be made right on the site. There is free shipping for orders over €49, with deliveries made within six working days. Painting sizes range between 30×40 cm and 50×70 cm. Prices vary with size and the type of frame that you choose.

When choosing carnival-themed canvas art, the best guiding question should be, “What was my highlight at the carnival?” The answer to this is the memory you want to keep and should guide you on the kind of remembrance art to pick. You could think of musical performances, paintings on display, clowns who acted or even the animals that the performers brought along.

Bring the Carnival Home with Canvas Art

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