Carnival of Cadiz

The Carnival of Cadiz is one of the most famous carnivals which currently exists in Spain. Unlike many other festivals that focus on music and dancing, the primary focus of the Carnival of Cadiz is humour. The carnival attendees use a combination of sarcasm, mockery, and irony to attempt to purge the most pressing problems of today. The entire city of Cadiz participates in the carnival, which takes places for more than two weeks each year.

Although the carnival only takes place once per year, it has become so ingrained in the town that it is possible to see people rehearsing for the celebration at any time.

The carnival is often regarded as a more rebellious one when compared to many other festivals which take place in other countries; mainly as there are very few carnivals that openly invite criticism. Many commentators have said that the Carnival of Cadiz is entirely unique across the world and that it would be difficult even to suggest copying the format of it, in an attempt to bring a similar spirit to another country. It is this unique nature of the celebration that attracts so many guests each year.

Carnival of Cadiz

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