Using Green Rugs in Carnival Floats

During carnivals and parades, there will usually be floats that move through the procession. When done correctly, a parade will attract a huge crowd that is wowed by the floats being showcased. Therefore the organisers will feel a fair amount of pressure to make them look as good as possible. The best floats will be decorated with items focused on one central theme. Many of these themes can be represented with the use of green rugs. Trendcarpet can supply rugs in this colour. They come in a wide variety of styles. Float decorators may be surprised by just how versatile these items can be. They will serve a multitude of aesthetic functions.

To Simulate Grass

Often the float will have an outdoor setting. If this is the case, then the floor needs to simulate grass. Sometimes artificial turf is utilised for this purpose. However, if a green rug is used instead, then it will likely be much more cost-effective. There are several ones in the Trendcarpet catalogue that would be perfect for the role.

To Recreate a National Flag

Many carnivals and parades are held in order to inspire national pride. The floats may be large depictions of country flags. Many of them will have green in them. Good examples include Ireland, Lithuania and Jamaica. Africa contains a plethora of countries with green in their flags. There are even individual county flags in the UK that feature this colour. Placing several plain green rugs together is one good way of recreating an enlarged version of one.

To Mimic the Natural World

On other occasions, the float may be used to depict the natural world. This is common in places where seasonal harvests are an essential aspect of the community. These floats often have floral patterns as a stylistic theme. Trendcarpet sells a number of rugs with green leaf designs. They will appeal to decorators of flower based floats.

Symmetrical Patterns

Regardless of what the exact theme is, many floats will benefit from having symmetrical patterns. They will make the overall presentation seem neat and professional. These patterns could feature stripes, circles, diamonds, triangles, or chevrons. The right one will depend on the main goals of the float. If affordable rugs with these patterns are utilised, they can increase the chances of the parade being successful.

Using Green Rugs in Carnival Floats

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