Staying Safe While Attending Carnivals and Parades

The mood in carnival and parades is wild and entertaining. It is easy to get so engrossed that you forget to look at who is next to you. Thieves always take advantage of the large crowds and ecstatic moods to steal from unsuspecting attendees. You should not be afraid of attending carnivals and parades. You just need to learn how to keep yourself safe to avoid being a victim.

The Safety Measures

  • Read reviews and news items: Before heading out to a carnival or parade, go through reviews to see what other past attendees have to say. You should also read news articles to find out if there are controversies and incidents that you should be aware of.
  • Carry only essentials: Do not go with a lot of personal items such as your laptop and wallet. Only have the necessary identification that you will need to gain access and move around. Do not pile all your things in one bag. Spread them out so that in case you lose the bag, it does not go with everything.
  • Hide your money: You will need some cash to buy the street food and other incidentals you may encounter on the day of the parade. You should not have your money at a place that is easy to spot, such as in the back pocket of your trouser. Even if it is not stolen, it might drop as you engage in the rigorous activities that define carnivals and parades.
  • Go with company: It might not always be possible, but go with someone whenever possible. This is especially important if you will be staying long at the carnival and you need someone to be around for when you have to leave your hotel room, and you are a foreigner.

Always trust your instincts. If something tells you things are not right, stop and check your surroundings. Have details of emergency contacts such as police for when you might need them.

Staying Safe While Attending Carnivals and Parades

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