Year: 2023

Bring the Carnival Home with Canvas Art

The best carnivals usually happen once a year. However, the memories they leave behind are lasting. One way to freeze these memories today is through phone photos. But you don’t have to always go back to your gallery whenever you want to get the carnival or parade vibes. Instead, you can add to that by […]

The art of a carnival

Parades are something that people missed out on during the pandemic because many were cancelled for a while, but now they are back and anyone who loves a good parade or carnival will not be disappointed. They offer music, dancing and street performances and have a wonderful energy that helps to bring people together. Bring […]

Using Posters For Carnival Float Inspiration

Many famous carnivals and parades feature performers who travel on foot. However, there are also ones where floats are utilised. These decorated vehicles tend to have a specific theme. It is not always easy for organisers to choose the right one. They could utilise posters in a number of ways. For example, they might note […]

Vaping Whilst At A Carnival

Carnivals are enjoyed all over the world. Some of the most famous ones include Rio, Notting Hill, Oruro, Cologne and Mardi Gras. These are all outdoor events. Therefore, those taking part or spectating will usually be permitted to vape. In recent years these types of products have become very popular. They are often allowed to […]

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